Heh frogs and snails. They do that in France too and even in Slovenia altho in Slovenia it isnt realy widespread. Our folks prefer some good ol' Glis glis. ;D ;D

Yes I knew for snails. My Slovenian grandmother used to eat 'em. She used to feed them to me too! Yuk!  :-X
As for Glis glis isn't it the one on your avatar pic? Polh, is it? So what, you upload as avatar your favuorite food?  ;D

If they can screw let us screw too! ;D

Better to screw than to get screwed!  ;D Allthough I think we are the ones who will walk with a butthurt out of the deal… lol

We call them Čefurji = non-slovene žabar or Čapci = slovene žabar and žaba has same meaning here.

Isn't that a slur for Bosniaks?


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