It has same greek root = Athinganos. In German it's zigeuner.

As for Albanians, one once told me (btw my city has become a sewer because of them) that it's not offensive if you call them shqiptari (which they call themslevs), but of course if a Serb calls them šiptari or šiptarčine they will get offended.

А Russian slur I particularly like is Чурка – which means dumb,  used mainly for Caucasus immigrants (which seems infest Moscow nowadays).

‘Чурка’ can be any Asian person. Literally is a ‘block of wood’ meaning the person is as dumb as a block of wood. This is contemptuous word and is best avoided.

Estonians – кураты (contemptuous word and is also best avoided) or чухонцы, чухня (historical name for some Finno-Ugrian tribes living in Novgorod republic)
Finns – чухонцы, чухня.
Lithuanians and Latvians are 'лабус' or 'лабас'. It’s derived from Lithuanian word ‘Hi’ but Lithuanians find it insulting. It’s not the word itself, it’s the meaning that is put into the word.

There are other slurs.

The word Albanian is in itself is used as a slur occasionally in discussions on the Internet. If someone makes a grammar error he or she would be recommended to learn Albanian language.  ;D


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