I didn't know there were slurs for Finns! I know they call you Russians ryssä (negative connotations).

чухня probably derives from чудь, which was original name for Fennic and Estonian tribes met by Slavs/Russians during their migration northwards. As I stated before in the Finnish thread, Slavs had a technological edge over finnic tribes and managed to conquer them even if heavily outnumbered. So чудь must have been a word to denote their primitiveness. That, and their slow speech patterns which what I hear from my Russian friends cracks you up all the time  ;D

Russians sometimes make fun of Estonians speaking veerryy slowllyy.  ;D But the feelings are mutual.  :)

PS In present day Russia and Belarus and probably sections of eastern Ukraine two unions of Slavic tribes lived: Кривичи and Вятичи.
Latvians to this date call Russians krievu (Кривичи).


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