What do you mean the feelings are mutual? Estonians make fun of Russians too?


Oh, and it doesn't surprise me Latvians have many slurs for Russians. In my life I have never seen someone that russophobic. Some of them even make fun of Russian mass graves of WWII. It's almost morbid

Krievu  is not a slur but the official name for Russians named after Slavic tribe Кривичи.  Just like Spaniards call Germans Alemanes. Alemanes were a Germanic tribe. I stated this for general information.

Some people in Baltic states have gone crazy. The graves of Soviet soldiers are in many countries and are often vandalised.  In Lithuania recently vandals vandalised the graves of Polish soldiers. I am beginning to suspect the vandals in those countries would vandalise the graves of soldiers of any other country but their own. Let's leave the discussion for another topic.


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