Yeah different, other ppl, other dialect, other lifestyl, …

I mean and form me this is Moravian Silesia. When Morava found suveren state…Silesia will be Independent land in new Moravian State….

We speak pure Czech + dialect (in oficial we use clear czech, when we speak with friends use Moravian), Bohemians badly used official language.
We have honor too family,..In Moravia village is half people your family, in czech not. We have honor in tradicion and ancestors.
For me Morava is friendly…

But other land, other way. (Jiný kraj, jiný mrav)

For Moravian is better independence, but taxes going to Prague (Moravians corp have domicile in Prague)…

We have Agro, Industrial, Coal, oil, gas, factories,..but taxes going out… :-/ When will obtain independence…we will new Swiss
In old Yugoslavia is Slovene too, Slovene have great potential…

So you are both Czechs, but you personally would find it better if Bohemians and Moravians would form two separate states?

Or in my bad Czech: Takže jste oba Češi, ale osobně bylo by to lépe, pokud by Bohémové a Moravané tvoří dva samostatné státy?


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