5.) Like almost always I slept with my windows slightly open. Suddenly a rough sounding chorus started chanting the 1st stanza of the Deutschlandlied – "Deutschland Deutschland über alles". I had a look at my watch, it said 1.30.am, so I went to the window to have a look on who is singing there. There was a bunch of Croatian (football?) fans walking down the street singing – far away from any sports stadium. After they had finished the text they had learned by heart, they shouted "Hrvatska Hrvatska" and started singing it again. So they diappeared into the night. I was amused but still had the feeling of being in the wrong movie.

Are you sure it wasn't this song :) (this is namely the old Croatian folk song upon which Joseph Haydn developed his melody, which today Germans use in their anthem)

Žiga Međimurski – V jutro se ja rad vustanem, ravno pred zorju


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