Almost anytime we Germans experience a surreal, weird, strange, somehow unreal situation IRL, we say "I think I am in the wrong movie right now". This thread is about our "in the wrong movie" experiences, let me start.

I saw a lot of change in Germany, for the last 13 years since I'm here. Looks like the whole country is a huge wrong movie.
Partly  because of the feeling of guilt at least for WWII if not for more, which germans drink along with the milk at mother's breast, making it "unacceptable" to act or react in a proper manner to a lot of life's situations, without being called a nazi and what not. And partly because of the neverending equality and tolerance propaganda. Not to forget materialist and rationalist thinking, suitable for the 19th century, but totaly out of place nowadays.

Saw a talk show, some days ago (can't remember where), about pride. Especially national pride, ethnic pride, etc. Besides "specialists" on the matter of all shapes and sizes, there was a green chick. A chick member of the green party, that is. A green fascist, as I call them.
Anyway, she said she started some campaign called "Patriotismus? Nein danke!" and a lot of bla-bla afterwards.
Felt like in the wrong movie for a moment, than turned the TV off (watch it almost never anyway). So what was the chick proud about anyway? I mean, yeah, it is not your merit being born this or that colour, this or that nationality or ethnicity, but there's no reason to be ashamed and not be proud of what you are. National and ethnic pride has something to do with respect for the deeds of your forefathers too. So… don't step on my blue suede shoes, you leftist morons!

My excuse for acting politically incorrect, since in Germany, (and I am somewhat extreme in a lot of the views iI have), when called fascist, nazi and the like, is that "I'm, not even german." Ha-ha-haa! Works fine.  ;D Damn ignorants.

But I found myself again in the right movie, 2-3 days ago, hearing in the radio that some court in Köln (if I remember it right) said that circumcision of minors is equal with bodily harm and punishable by law. This is the right movie to be in. LOL And it's only the beginning of european awakening.

Stay tuned…  ;)


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