I agree. In the multicultural society western Europe, and with time probably also the eastern one, is forced to live, only diversity can bring cultural value. If we do not preserve our ethnic heritage, there will be no diversity which we can share, thus also no cultural as well as social values on which we can build upon.

Now this may seem strange, being against multiculturalism, but supporting diversity of cultures as a great value. Namely, the point is not in diluting one culture with the influx of incompatible others (especially non-European ones), but to maintain that one national culture to preserve it. Better a rainbow, than a grey mass.

The human rights carta gives every national and ethnic entity the right of preserving its own culture on its own territory. No exceptions. So whites have the same right to preserve their heritage, without being automatically fascists and nazis, just as the non-whites have the same right. Our territory is Europe and the colonies. Period.

Only that when whites do it, they are racists and the rest, but when non-whites do it, they fight for survival. Hypocrisy.

And by the way: this multiculturalism is (funny thing) a very unicultural phenomenon. It happens ONLY in white countries. You can't be multicultural in Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia. LOL


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