Every day i wake up. I do some minor things. Then when it's around 20:00 i dl some movie and then i watch that movie and in almost 90% cases i say; man i am watching the wrong movie. XD

2.)I took the train from Mannheim to Frankfurt. Usually there is lots of foreign folks crowding the train, but I was lucky and found an empty compartment. My luck did not last for long as an Albanian clan was entering the compartment, a man sat down vis-à-vis to me, his about 5 years old son on his lap. Suddenly he opened the zipper of his son's trouser, pulled out his ***** and started to rub his foreskin. I had a very strong feeling of being in the wrong movie right now and I wouldn't have been too surprised if he had started circumcizing him in front of me…

Now dude just hold out horses! This aint just a wrong movie that is a wrong planet right there. O mein Gott! Deutchland is sehr screwed up these days. :D Its about time Slavic lands form a union and invade West.


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