I personally believe Slavic Europe as opposed to the Romance and the Germanic one, now has and will continue to have a subordinate explotational role in the EU, as eastern colonies of Germany they now are. We should unite but under same terms, let Russia in, so we can hold equal bars. If not Russia, then we should first found a stronger hold within our Slavic eastern Europe before going into any treaties with the Romanics and especially the Germanics.

In other words, the crap from Brussels has started to stink, namely it is obvious our industry lies in their hands, because of unequal standards considering export of goods. They can export, we however are prohibited to do the same.

This is precisely that antiquated way of thinking I was talking about ealier. No offence.

European Empire, european homeland, european nation. One, united, strong. That is the future, if there is to be any.


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