It may be antiquated, as you put it, however it is not a naive way of thinking, but one built upon what is seen. United Empire for the sake of it, doesn't work if meant to be achieved by peaceful but also stabile measures. Meritocracy is fine on this proposed supranational level, however this is still nowhere to be seen, or at least nowhere to be understood as such by the common folk, and the common folk is the nation, not its educated class.

The idea as such is worth achieving, however I see its goals naively set without first taking care of other problems, like; economical equality, multiculturalism based on influx of incompatible non-European cultures, consolidation over historical issues thus creating an uniform view upon European history for ALL its nations (the most important issue) etc. Unless these and other issues are met, I see no reality in building a stabile European nation.

* under European Empire I assume you mean the well-united Eurosphere (without Turkey and Africa of course).

The folk has no influence, nor should it have any, on the politics, because that is only understandable for an educated and intelligent stratum of the populace. I do not mean our current politicians, actually the most of them (some get it).
A leaderless folk is only rabble, unable of anything.

Politics is the actualization of the possible and has nothing to do with anything abstract, which means that politics is ONLY about what is real. Napoleon said the imagination rules the world, which is true, because without it no great ideas would have ever turned into the reality you and I know today.
So, a little bit of dreaming and imagination and a lot of strength to turn it into reality. That's what we need.

I mean ONE. One nation, one folk, one empire. Plain and simple.

Many, in their time, were called naive, day-dreamers and such. Still, we live their dreams now. LOL


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