Europe is developed on Christianity. There is no point to discuss it. First who used it was Alkuin, Charlemagne's religious and educational advisor, in order to dente Western Christians (Frankish empire and its client states, Northern Iberians and Bristish Isles), latter definiton was applied to all western Christians, then to Eastern also. In XVIII century it got modern meaning. Except Albania, all European countries are traditionaly Christian.
Well, concerning slaves, Christianity is relgion of God's children:

No. Christianity was used as political weapon, then as even now, when considered necessary.

European culture started with the era of migrations, on the ashes of the roman empire, but, contrary to popular belief, there is no continuity between the classical culture and the european culture as it stands today.
Every scientific discovery until now was a proof that this or that teaching of the christians is absolutely wrong and was considered heresy.  ;D

I am not the child of a j.ewish god. I know who my parents are. LOL


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