I don't take paganism as a religion, but as an ideology.

You could call it that. European Paganism was originally sorcery (belief in generic nameless spirits and in the power to command them) which evolved later into a proper religion. Don't know if you read the Golden Bough but it goes like this – Sorcery > Religion > Science. Some cultures (like Africans) are to this day so backwards they never got out of the sorcery/animism stage, and they still believe trees are inhabitet by spirits. (Judeo-christians and their irrational fear of their omniscient god are hardly better IMO :) )

European values (i.e. strength, discipline, resilience, honour) are what made our pagan forefathers great. Sadly they were replaced judeo-christian false morality (fear of God, superstition, weakness etc…)

Btw you have a very good attitude. :) There should me more people like you on this forum (I mean people who value European Paganism more than judeo-christianity)


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