You could call it that. European Paganism was originally sorcery (belief in generic nameless spirits and in the power to command them) which evolved later into a proper religion. Don't know if you read the Golden Bough but it goes like this – Sorcery > Religion > Science. Some cultures (like Africans) are to this day so backwards they never got out of the sorcery/animism stage, and they still believe trees are inhabitet by spirits.

European values (i.e. strength, discipline, resilience, honour) are what made our pagan forefathers great. Sadly they were replaced judeo-christian false morality (fear of God, superstition, weakness etc…)

Btw you have a very good attitude. :) There should me more people like you on this forum (I mean people who value European Paganism more than judeo-christianity)

Yes. The predecessor of science was always a religion. So the old european sorcerers, wizards, etc. were actually scientists. Not to forget they had to start from scratch. Christian priests are anti-science even now, holding on to a non-european dogma and being proven wrong a million times. So, whoever wants to believe in christianity, islam, judaism, buddhism, etc. is fine with me, but I will not let myself be forced to believe that too, no matter how many followers a dogma might have.

To stay at that stage of superstition is not the attribute of a high culture and, in its final stage, of civilization. So the triumph of science over superstition, in Europe and Europe only, is the ultimate proof of a high culture (we are at the beginning of the civilization era). And Europe is the ONLY high culture standing, being also the first one in history to influence the whole world.

So, paganism as an ideology can do a lot of good.



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