European culture started in Frankish empire. It was built Christianity, Roman legal tradition and extensive use of Greek logic. Carolingian renaissance encouraged the formation of a common European identity, it is something which every historian will tell you.
Heresy is inter-christian label for un-orthodox teaching. Not something scientists (or anyone outside Christianity) could label certain Christian group.

I don't wanna argue, but if you insist…

Popular is what the masses accept as fact, like, dislike, believe or are against of, etc. Popular is almost never of any value. Same goes for popular science. Not of much value.
Science does not mean stagnation, for every new day could bring forth a new discovery, sometimes proving the old theories right, sometimes proving them wrong.
Every historian teaches the popular, i.e. commonly accepted, version of its chosen science. But things evolve and I know that most stuff I learned in school is not that right anymore.

So… the migrations are the start of the european culture as it stands today. My viewpoint. (I don't wanna tell you that europeans are neanderthals and not the so-called homo "sapiens", but I'll leave it for another occasion.).

About heresy: want a list of scientists killed or mistreated by christians, on accusations of heresy? I'll just say: and still it turns!  ;D


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