Violence against anybody else was happening in Ancient Rome too. Romans like Caesar decidmated entire tribes also they constantly had civil wars. During empire emperors often prosicuted those who didnt aknowladge imperial cult. Such people were killed under acusation of atheism (which didnt have modern meaning). Witch hunts aint any special christian invention either. Some "traditions" often die out and re-apear later. For example;

Yes numericaly. :) In dark ages heavy plough and a three field crop rotation evolved which enabeled strong increase i populaton + there was stong highland colonisation organised by nobility and yes plague had devestating effect but not everywhere mostly strong trading areas suffered since plague came from asia via trade but plagues were widespred in Rome too. For example it is estimated that around 20% of Roman population died during Marcus Aureliuss reign thanks to the plague. I am not sure but i think Marcus died of this plague too.

Yes politicaly. Politicaly as European states controling much of the world. Britain and Russia were among largest empires.

That is true but universities stem from monastic schools (Scholae monasticae) of monestaries from 6th century. Also we should not forget it is mostly monks who translated arabic translations of ancient greek texts. Even 17th century schoolars, etc were often monks, priests and especialy jesuits. :)

Oh wait. This is beards thread. 😮 :- I will transfere this somewhere else later. :)

True, but everything meaning progress went against christian teachings. Wouldn't you agree?

Yeah, beards… sound familiar. What was it about again?  ;D


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