So, paganism as an ideology can do a lot of good.

Paganism is generic term for entire set of completly unrelated religions all over the wolrd. With exclusion of Hinduism/Brahmanism in certain degree, there is no even coheren teaching about it, that's why all that Religions were defeated by Christianity.

So the triumph of science over superstition, in Europe and Europe only, is the ultimate proof of a high culture (we are at the beginning of the civilization era). And Europe is the ONLY high culture standing, being also the first one in history to influence the whole world.

There was no Europe before Christianity. European identity, European culture, European education, European medicine, European technology, all that have origins in Christianity.

So, whoever wants to believe in christianity, islam, judaism, buddhism, etc. is fine with me, but I will not let myself be forced to believe that too, no matter how many followers a dogma might have.

Concept of freedom of religion is another Christian inovation. Christians, faced with legal requiremnts to recognise emperors as gods, were insisting on it. All earyl christian apologets wrote about it. Nobody is forcing you to believe something which you d not wish.
I am just reacting on nonsenses about existing European identity, culture etc, before Christianity. You may like it or not, bu it is fact.


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