Paganism is generic term for entire set of completly unrelated religions all over the wolrd. With exclusion of Hinduism/Brahmanism in certain degree, there is no even coheren teaching about it, that's why all that Religions were defeated by Christianity.
There was no Europe before Christianity. European identity, European culture, European education, European medicine, European technology, all that have origins in Christianity.

Concept of freedom of religion is another Christian inovation. Christians, faced with legal requiremnts to recognise emperors as gods, were insisting on it. All earyl christian apologets wrote about it. Nobody is forcing you to believe something which you d not wish.
I am just reacting on nonsenses about existing European identity, culture etc, before Christianity. You may like it or not, bu it is fact.

Paganus, the way romans called the village dwellers. That's what I'm talking about. The urbanization is the death of any religion, that is why christianity arose in the late roman empire. It is a complicated subject and maybe we'll go deeper into it some other time.

Nope. "European identity, European culture, European education, European medicine, European technology" was what christianity fought against from the begining. Even against the old knowledge, pagan knowledge, the village dwellers still practiced (herbal medicine and such), christianity fought against. Those were the witch hunts. LOL

Christianity is intolerant. Remeber the Inquisition? Just as an example. The word of God is law. No exceptions. No other gods. Period.  ;D That sounds like intolerance to me.
Not to forget it is a non-european religion.

It has nothing to do with whether I like it or not. There was a Europe before christianity. A much better one.


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