Which hunts have their origins in ancient Rome allright, but it seems you are taking everything out of the historical context. People were "backwards" in antiquity that is normal, it was the beginning of civilization as we know it today. Christians were little better than the Romans even 1000 YEARS after them, what with the witch-hunts and supression of science and knowledge. And hell, the only good thing they had regarding science and philosophy comes from pagan Rome and Greece.

My point, what course would civilization have taken if science hadn't been dampered by Judeo – Christianity? (remember, all major scientific innovations come from when secularity held brief triumphs over Christianity, f. ex. Renaissance and age of Enlightenment)

There is no Christian identity of Europe. We still celebrate pagan festivals (25 December, birth of "Jesus").
It's because Jews didn't manage to completely take us over with their false sect.

Also, a quote from Nietzsche –
the J**** are the most catastrophic people of world history: by their after-effect they have made mankind so thoroughly false that even today the Christian can feel anti-J**ish without realizing that he himself is the ultimate Jewish consequence


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