It was mockin tearm for villagers arround Rome who were heathens, it is completely unrelated to your statments. It is not even proper name for such people.
Witches instituted European universities, villagers were skilled surgeons, they developed lot of famous beverages, lot of recepies fo medicins etc? LOL to you to.

^ Norman F. Cantor, The Civilization of the Middle Ages, 1993, ""Culture and Society in the [size=14pt]First Europe[/size]", pp185ff.
What do you acctually know about Inquistion? It existed in just one  country and it was directed against crypto-Islam and crypto-Judaism. Not against witches etc.

I will not argue with an obvious religious extremist. Because, let me tell you, you either are 100% into your chosen religion, i.e. you are an extremist, or you aren't a religious guy, because no religion accepts 99%.  ;D


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