Also, a quote from Nietzsche –
the J**** are the most catastrophic people of world history: by their after-effect they have made mankind so thoroughly false that even today the Christian can feel anti-J**ish without realizing that he himself is the ultimate ***ish consequence

Quote from mentaly ill person. ;D

There is no Christian identity of Europe. We still celebrate pagan festivals (25 December, birth of "Jesus").
It's because ***s didn't manage to completely take us over with their false sect.

Carniolan, I understand you read it somwhere and you think it is uber-cool. But please take some notes:
On Christmass we are celebrating birth of Jesus Christ, Incarnated Logos and Son of God. In some countries there are certain folk traditions which originated in pre-Christian times, and which are now connected with Christmass, but nevertheless it is Christian holyday. It was not incorporation it is establishing Christian hollyday in order to counter influence of Mithraistic.


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