Humm depends on how you look. Apparently it didnt since it was monastic schools that started to re-introduce knowledge. You must know West Roman Empire was in terrible situation foregin tribes were constantly invading it much of knowledge was lost and westeren culture evolved into warrior culture.

On the other hand Orthodox Byzantines newer lost this knowledge. After Arab conquest of many Byzantine provinces  much of this knowledge came into Muslim hands and so via Cordoba west got back much of that knowledge. However Byzantine role shouldnt be underestimated either for example Crusaders traded with them alot. Another important thing that is less known is that much of knowledge was preserved and even developed by Hiberno-Scottish Christians the members of so called Celtic Christianity.

Many important theologians as Thomas Aquinas held that science is most important in understanding word created by God so there is this duality in history of Christianity like today. Some were/are extreme puritans while some were/are very enlightened as far as these things goe.

Its just that old folks believes in witches and other things still clinged ontu the people so such misconceptions arose again in time (even today :D) and reapeared. These things are ofc. are not limited to Christianity they goe for ages way back in time. I personaly view medieval in positive light since it has as many minuses and pluses as pagan era did and from historical point of view it gave birth to our nations, it is a birth time of universities, european expansion and just as many brilliant inventions. I view both pagan and christian era equaly bad and good. It was different era different time both had many disgusting things and many brilliant things and i cheerish this regardless.

True, because nobody is a true christian. That is imposible, given the fact that christian teachings go against human nature. So, of course classical greek and roman knowledge didn't go completely lost (not to forget the knowledge at Alexandria, burnt by christian extremists), but imagine where would we be now, if there wasn't any christian censorship, over the centuries. For there was a christian censorship, whatever some may say.

Europe was always a warrior society, not culture. Christianity wanted us to turn… mild. And look at us today. That is the sole influence of christianity. No warriors and almost no culture left.

Nobody is entirely good, or entirely bad, except for extremist religions, ideologies and dogmas, which are always right.  ;D


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