True, because nobody is a true christian. That is imposible, given the fact that christian teachings go against human nature. So, of course classical greek and roman knowledge didn't go completely lost (not to forget the knowledge at Alexandria, burnt by christian extremists), but imagine where would we be now, if there wasn't any christian censorship, over the centuries. For there was a christian censorship, whatever some may say.

Europe was always a warrior society, not culture. Christianity wanted us to turn… mild. And look at us today. That is the sole influence of christianity. No warriors and almost no culture left.

Nobody is entirely good, or entirely bad, except for extremist religions, ideologies and dogmas, which are always right.  ;D

No i dont think it is against human nature. :) Its like some people do bad things regardless of what they claim to be and that is it. At least in my opinion anyway.

As for library of Alexandria. Library itself was burned way before as there was no library anymore before Christianity became official. Becouse of this many ancient (pagan) historians blame Caesars reckless attack for example:

Plutarch (AD 46–120) wrote that during his visit to Alexandria in 48 BC Julius Caesar accidentally burned the library down when he set fire to his own ships to frustrate Achillas' attempt to limit his ability to communicate by sea

However it was probably burned a bit later and most likely it was not intentional. Anyway what those Christians burned was religious building Serapeum containing pagan mysteries that was almost in the same place. :D

For example;

The pagan author Eunapius of Sardis witnessed the demolition, and though he detested Christians, and was a scholar, his account of the Serapeum's destruction makes no mention of any library


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