Quote from mentaly ill person. ;DCarniolan, I understand you read it somwhere and you think it is uber-cool. But please take some notes:
On Christmass we are celebrating birth of Jesus Christ, Incarnated Logos and Son of God. In some countries there are certain folk traditions which originated in pre-Christian times, and which are now connected with Christmass, but nevertheless it is Christian holyday. It was not incorporation it is establishing Christian hollyday in order to counter influence of Mithraistic.

Overtaking the preexisting non-christian holidays, christianizing non-christian gods and characters, etc. is a practice the followers of that sect practiced from the begining.

Just wanna make you feel dizzy:

If Jesus existed and was such an important man, why nobody, except the christians, ever mentioned him? We all know how meticulously bureaucratic the romans were and still no stuff about Jesus.
If God is the father of all men, how come so few of his children know about him?

And if God is almighty, he should create a stone so heavy, that not even he can lift it. Badabing-badabang!  ;D


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