No i dont think it is against human nature. :) Its like some people do bad things regardless of what they claim to be and that is it. At least in my opinion anyway.

As for library of Alexandria. Library itself was burned way before as there was no library anymore before Christianity became official. Becouse of this many ancient (pagan) historians blame Caesars reckless attack for example:

However it was probably burned a bit later and most likely it was not intentional. Anyway what those Christians burned was religious building Serapeum containing pagan mysteries that was almost in the same place. :D

For example;

Yeah, I know: lambs of god and no blood on their hands. Christians are good, everybody else evil and they burned and killed nobody. Don't ask me to believe all of that crap. But anybody else willing to do so: be my guest.

I always went for doubt. First of all because "truth" never set anyone free and second, because doubt is the only way to intellectual emancipation.
Everything coming from a bunch of liars shoult be regarded with a huge amount of doubt, if you ask me, even the "official" "truth".

Bad and good changes so many times, over the ages, and there is still so many good and bad stuff all over the planet, nobody in his right mind can say who's right and who's wrong.
I go for what I feel it is good for me and if there are some that share my viewpoint, great. Exactly what religionists don't do.

Of course there is a human nature. Instincts prove it and instincts never fail, in a mentally and phisically healthy person.


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