It's not aginst human nature but it DISREGARDS human nature. Christians think in ways of absolute (good vs evil, black and white, and other dichotomies) when humans clearly are not absolute beings (nor is the univers IMHO as proven by Einstein's relativity). In this segment Paganism has a better understanding of reality than Christianity.

They disregard the fact that we evolved from a common primate ancestor with apes. In essence, we are still animals, with our needs, desires, and sometimes instincsts. For example I like to gorge on food and beer (and I'm not the only one here eh Pov?  :P) and I really don't think why should I feel bad about it (Christian dogma is not reason enough for me)

It's about doing one thing while PRETENDING of doing the other. Demagogy.

Hypocrisy comes before demagogy.  ;D

Very well against human nature, humans not being absolute beings. By the way: no christian is and absolute being either.


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