Kudesnik nothing happend, not because the then young Roman Christianity was the problem, but because non-European immigrants (our ancestors from the East and North) came in very large numbers, butt-cracked open the EU (Roman Empire), and started spreading their crazy pagan rituals all over the place (not all pagan was good pagan, just as not all abrahamic faiths were good faiths), eventually the immigrants took over the majority and the EU fell apart, with a lot of killing and raping of the Europeans in the process. However there was a bureocracy that tried to bind them on a common ethical and political standard (namely Christianity) by most rigid and simplest rules necessary not to eat each others alive. When the carnage rested (some 1000 years ago), they saw that the Europeans had some good ideas back then, and started reviving them. Thus modern Europe was created.

Every person that states that our paganism (not Roman nor Greek) was a hippie flower power utopia (like I see some members are posting), has to be high on some kind of weed, or digested too much mushrooms. We were a herder folk, nomads that migrated, in such herding tribal socities religion is based upon class, and the most necessary class was that of a warrior, hence our pagan religion was based upon two things, food and war. (nothing gentle, hippie, flower-loving about that)

Anyone that wants to revive that kind of ideology and mindset on a general social level, watched too much Disney movies, or in the other hand needs to find a valve to let some of that steam out, pumping iron or in the last case scenario go do some 'peacework' in the middle East.

Sorry to interrupt: christians came, tried to destroy everything native, did not succeed, saw in the end that some s.hit was good and decided to revive what they wanted to destroy in the begining of it all.
Is that what you're trying to say?  ;D Crazy.

Romans used christianity in a desperate attempt to unify an empire which was already doomed. That is the truth.

Oh, so you mean I should do anything else (pump iron and peacework the middle east), except what my nature dictates, because Europe is occupied by christians and they do not allow me to do that which I feel like doing, IN MY OWN HOMELAND? Get lost, dude.


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