Every person that states that our paganism (not Roman nor Greek) was a hippie flower power utopia (like I see some members are posting), has to be high on some kind of weed, or digested too much mushrooms. We were a herder folk, nomads that migrated, in such herding tribal socities religion is based upon class, and the most necessary class was that of a warrior, hence our pagan religion was based upon two things, food and war. (nothing gentle, hippie, flower-loving about that)

Every person that thinks Christianity was our only saviour is high on weed too for that matter.  Pagan society was advanced, it just didn't work for great number of people. But you are wrong if you think things would have stayed that way up until now. As Frazier said, civilization (religon) takes this course Sorcery > Religion > Science. The introduction of the alien abrahamic religions on European soil have interrupted this.

Oh, and you are wrong too if you think our ancestors are raping and murdering loonatics. This is nothing more than a fallacy, that would mean in areas where Christianity wasn't introduced the rapings would continue (Nepal was during the course of history the most peaceful region in the world and they have hardly seen any Christianity). This fallacy of yours is based on nothing more than interpretatio Christiana of pagan history. European pagan society had high morals, values and overall great functionality, because it was based itself on the principles of nature itself (which is the highest form of order and functionality).


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