We can conclude it as far as I am concerned. The point wanting to state is that eventhough paganism has become a large European national identity carrier since the WW2, Christianity is one as well. For the common European, from my perspective though, both should be cherrished as what they are, our tradition. And as you know attacking ones tradition, means attacking ones identity, be it pagan or Christian.

The young common European surely doesn't believe that a bearded man is producing thunder, as much as I personally believe, they perceive a je[size=1pt]'[/size]wish carpenter to be a son of God (or God himself), nonetheless both of these aspects are our tradition, and our heritage, thus should be respected and honored. Not spit upon.

Absolutely right. But don't you agree than paganism is way underrepresented nowadays (not to mention the centuries before, where it was forbidden)? Christianity had its share of "air time", so can we please have ours, or must we take it by force, if neccessary?
That is the problem here.


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