About what you are talking? In last 50 or so years Europe is completely uninterested in any kind religion except some shalow spirtualism and funny syncretical hobby religions. On other hand state where you grown-uo was under ant-Christian communist despotism. And unconsiously you are repeating Communist laughable criticism of Christianity.

Not the last "50 or so years", my friend, but the thousand plus years before. That is unexcusable, no matter how you turn it around.

"Shalow", "funny"… do not generalize your viewpoint, for it is not polite, civilized and tolerant.  ;)

Where I grew up is clear. How I grew up, you do not know, so stop it before I become unpleasant. I never said anything about your background, so I politely invite you to do the same. Concentrate only on me and my writing here. OK?

I repeat nothing and communism is not the only ideology that found christianity "laughable". Nor do one need an ideology to find it laughable (example: atheists).

So, come on and teach me something I don't know and I'll be the first to thank you for the effort.


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