Absolutely right. But don't you agree than the paganism is way underrepresented nowadays (not to mention the centuries before, where it was forbidden)? Christianity had its share of "air time", so can we please have ours, or must we take it by force, if neccessary?
That is the problem here.

Well I would like to see a preservation of our tradition, and it is true that the СПЦ did not always help in the matter of our inherent Serb practices (however also much were retained like Slava e.g.), however today we live in a secular society and should contribute more. Like I said in a different thread the worse thing it can happen that we start forming a grey rootless mass in the new globalist world we are living in. The deeper the roots, the higher the tree.

The problem I see with the СПЦ, is namely what I believe is wanting to make the Serbs a tabula rasa before them, and that is something that is impossible to achieve, since it just isn't true. I would like to see them step over that shadow, they are a Serbian Church, not a Greek or a Jerusalim one.


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