Economical life was improved during Middle ages, from that period we have banks, loans, trade corporations etc. Cultural life was improved also, rate of literacy was better, modern educational system started its development then. Also agriculture was improved (crop roataion). In medicine we could see large practical improvment. Not to mention tiny fact that world passed from slavery to feudal system, another major improvment.
We could see detoriation in Renessaince compared to Middle ages. In Middle ages people were bathing themselves regulary. Renassaince men did not bath themselves. Japanese, Chinese Moors were disgusted by that bad habit of enlighted Europeans.Dark ages is early period of Middle ages, period of time about which lack historical sources. I am not deneing existance of Ancient Greek culture before Christianity, thing is there was no European identity and culture before Christianity.

Dark Ages are called Dark for a good reason. Similarly the Renaissance period. I am not against Christianity. Whatever happened happened in our history and we have to accept it. 
If you are biased and very subjective towards Christianity I don’t think I will want to continue this discussion. There are many topics we can discuss and agree upon on this forum.


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