This has nothing to do with the European continent. Yours was a remark on Christianity, about how it saved everyone from being "rapist and murderer". I stated that not every Non – Christian society in the past was ridden with rapists and murderers. If we take your sentence out of the whole European context, we can detect the fallacy.

Let us stop pretending for a moment that Christianity took people out of the caves and gave them culture and civilization, as it is not the case.

It gave our people what it had given, we had nothing better, else we would have it now. What I see is nothing more than whining, why didn't we continue with our own religion, but took the Roman one, well hell, we did it since we were citizens of Rome, or we were living in their influence. It was however not enforced upon our rulers, but was embraced as the next best thing, thus maintaining continuity of our culture.


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