this is senseless…
some people blaming some abstract "christianity" (the person who blames is usually clueless about it) for everything they dont like, while – thanks to christianity – they can freely sit at their PC and continue doing it. currently its fashionable anyway.

its impossible to have a discussion with them – they will find anything, any pseudoargument so they may continue healing their complexes… this isnt discussion, this is pure trollfest  :D

i like those parts about warrior culture and "strength and honor" values. they sound so cool when one sits at pc in safety, nobody trying to chop off his head, lots of food in kitchen or we can always buy some in shop. we are warrriorzzz grrr  :-*

christianity is so terribly forced on us all… but one dares to say he is christian, in public – then watch the mockery and attacks
christianity is responsible for all this evil… but isnt that just rant of an unthankful, spoiled child?
people say they want freedom of religion (we have it)… but they mean freedom from religion (a specific one, guess which)

Absolutely sensless.

True about freedom also: all PC owners with an internet connection are free to spread the ignorance all over the world. Great christian invention, this PC and internet. Love it.  ;D


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