I meant all European ethnic groups not individuals. ;)

Well, I do not know did you read thread from begining, but all started because of this:

Christianity was imposed upon Europe, as political means of keeping the europeans docile. It happened by force. Then keep them separated, through different variations to the same non-european dogma, and they won't have the time to revolt or in any other way disturb the peace of the leading stratum of the society.

The "divide et impera" principle.

Internal and external enemies of Europe do not wish a united Europe, for that would mess up their whole thing here. And they even use the oh so nationalistic extremist morons, to keep their power, and those retards don't even know they are being used by their enemies.

and this:

Europe is developed on Christianity, it could not be imposed upon her. There is no even point to discuss it. First who used it was Alkuin, Charlemagne's religious and educational advisor, in order to dente Western Christians (Frankish empire and its client states, Northern Iberians and Bristish Isles), latter definiton was applied to all western Christians, then to Eastern also. In XVIII century it got modern meaning. Except Albania, all European countries are traditionaly Christian.
Well, concerning slaves, Christianity is relgion of God's children:


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