Hmm, do you really see that Bosniaks and Albanians consider Christianity to be on the top?

They dont.

I also am not sure is there a historical consensus did the Bosniak and Albanian ethnos derive from the culture and tradition inherent to the respective medieval states once present on that territory, or from the ones developed in respective Ottoman Vilayets (Bosnia Vilayet and Scutari Vilayet) under influence of Islamic rather than Christian thought.

You are right but those peoples (Bosnian and Albanian muslims) see themselves as adherents of Bosnian and Albanian medieval states. Another thing is that their identity and sense of belonging is mostly tied to turkish provinces that existed for years in these areas.

Without medieval Bosnian and Albanian states they would not have any basis to call themselves Bosnians or Albanians and we know that all Balkan states in that period had strong Christian mark. ;)

Altho this you said ofc. is undisputed i must say we should aknowledge pagan era gave much of imprint on European civilisation.

Nobody sane would deny it but sense of 'European civilization' was made during the Christian monarchies in the middle ages. The ancient roots and knowledge of Europe were collected under one umbrella after the christianization process was over. ;)


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