He considered Slavs as second-class Europeans, ie. he said that the Slavs aren't of original European race, that they have been "europeanized": "on the Eastern Marches of Europe, many thousands of Slavs were assimilated into the European races, disappeared into them and became completely European.", and constantly in that book push Slavs in group among ***s, levantines and other non-westerners.

The irony was that he grew up in Illinois and Michigican and likely had the opportunity to meet many Slavs.  Maybe the failure in his logic was the result of not having met any Levantines or non-Westerners.  Although his biography states he was a Marxist, many Marxists (due to racists like Engels) were incredibly racist towards Slavs who they saw as a revisionary Medieval identity. . At least that was the case until the Soviet Union had cemented itself as the Marxist stronghold.


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