I don’t know of any such list. Both those languages are pretty obscure and we don’t even know which language family Bulgar was a part of, let alone any details of it. F.e. the old Turkic-origin-theory claimed that there were only 10-20 Bulgar (read Turkic) words remaining in Bulgarian (for reference, along that very same logic, there are more than a hundred “Bulgar” words in Hungarian), namely “balvan, biser, beleg, belchug, bolyarin, babrek, guber, kapak, kapishte, kniga, kolchan, korem, kumir, pale, pashenog, sabya, san, siromah, toyaga, urva, chertog, chipag, sharan, sharka, sheyna, shile, shubrak” (according to various lists of various authors). How many of these are actually Bulgar and how many are Pecheneg, Cuman or Turkish is questionable. Likewise, if Bulgar was an Iranic language, the question is – how many of the Iranisms in Bulgarian (and Slavic) are from those times and how many are from Ottoman times, or from direct Iranic influences on Proto-Slavic itself etc? Mission impossible, for now. Otherwise, here’s a study on the Thracian language, or what little remains of it, by the leading expert on the topic – there aren’t any graphs comparing it with modern Bulgarian, but it’s still useful. And as an aside, here’s something fun connecting Baltic (and thus Slavic) with Daco-Thracian (which is not such a bad idea by itself, actually, considering geography and stuff).


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