Andy Warhol’s parents were Rusyn origin from village Mikova in  Slovakia. Andy was painter, known painter, but filmmaker too.

Sandra Dee, actress, wife of Bobby Darin, was Alexandra Zuk, families Zuk and Cymbaljak (Rusyn and Lemko origin) from villages Izby, Grybov, Slovakia (Movies: Gidget, A Summer Place, Tammy, Tell Me True, Take Her, She’s Mine)

Robert Urich, actor, family Jurich from Venecija, Saris county in Slovakia, half Rusyn half Slovak (movies: The Lazarus Man, Love Boat, Emeril, many TV series)

Lizabeth Scott (Ema Matzo), actress, slavic origin (Lizabeth Virginia Scott was an American film actress, known for
her “smoky voice” and “the most beautiful face of film noir during the
1940s and 1950s, probably Russian or Rusyn origin)