I do not remember any of St. Vladimir.

Well, I’m not a believer. For operation with God does not need an intermediary who is lying and stealing from me.

Surely I will not believe what the church says.

OK if you do not mind.

: D I do not at some point encountered a link to the book of church canons.

I did not not is carried over any of these books, honestly I have no intention. I do not get the best of it. Basically when it unites several countries and church government units of these countries are united. when the country apart again and ecclesiastical units diverge.

Hmrm. Not really. Your confused sentence wants to tell, I guess, that it started as bishopric founded by Saint Sava. It remained part of SOC till 1766, when Sultan, abolished Patriarchate of Peć. PS, english equivalenmt for Митрополија is Metropolitanate or Metropolis. Saint Peter of Cetinje refused to recognise uncannocial diesmblishment of Serbian Church, and he went ot other Serbian bishops who refused to do so. Those were Metropolitan of Karlovci and his sufargans. He was ordained by them. He did not establish new Church.  Independence of Montenegrin Church was rather something which was consequence of complicated political situation, St Peter was considering himself as part of Serbian Church, together with Metropolitan of Karlovci, but he was physically separated from them, first by French, and latter by Austrians who refused to let Dlmatia under sceptre of Karlovci. Peter II (Njegoš) was ordained by Russian Church, in order to avoid dealings with Austrians. He was accepting jurisdiction of Russian Synod, he was for example, promoted to Metropolitan by them. Montenegrin Church was established by wish of Montenegrin state, which was formed after 1850s, but it was not by connocial procedure, which implies consent of Mother Church (which was in this case, dissolved uncanonicaly 90 years ago), and other Churchs, and requests Church councils as decision making bodies. Anyway, due to complicated situation, de facto state was recognised de jure, by canonical principle of economy (снисхођење по икономији). After 1920, situation was normalised, according to all prerequisits of Canon Law and sonsent of all parts of United SOC. (Metropolitan of Cetinje was in fact head of Synod and Assembly of Hierarchs) .
This nicely told

You are right

And who’s the direct heir of the Kingdom of Montenegro?

Property predates existance of state in this case.
Yet I’m not mistaken. All church property is listed as having a church. Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro is not legally registered. Use during the FRY, it is registered in Belgrade Metropolitan SPC. So it turns out that all church property registered at the Belgrade Patriarchate. Am I wrong you in something?
Do not mistaken shows and building a rampage by SPC Montenegro.

Despite everything I think I understand what is written there.

Anyway, you introduced that two grupations in discussion. I just pointed you implications of Canon Law. (Since you red “ecclesiastic laws”, it should be obvious to you).
It does not already understand.

I do not believe one word that excuses the church. To say that milk is white, I’d suspect.

that and I think that the state itself had to work on that. Otherwise, every church in great agreement with the holders of power, so whoever they are.

Do you know that Peter I Petrovic from Njeguši that introduced him to the job of Metropolitan Karlovac. Does it mean anything special?