And how it is relevant for anything? I told you you could find his life in Ohridski prolog, book published by Serbian bishop between two wars. Also, you had to not to know to read if you fail to find any St. Vladimir in pocket calendars published by Serbian patriarchate, before 1999. I have calendars from 1972, you could find St. Jovan Vladimir, and St. Vladimir Equal to Apostles.  What you remember is rather irrelevant, since anyone could bother to find such calendar.

Well, then it is pointless for you to discuss rules of religous community to which you dont belong neither you believe its teaching?

Well you are posting here trying to defend people who are lieng to you, and who stole money from others.

Really? And I ought to believe what you say without any source which you offer? ;D  Quite sicentific approach.

Wut? I dont understand you, sorry.

Well, my friend, that was my point. You dont understand canon law, yet you are ready to explain what it says.

Well, basicaly it is not like that. There is no automatism in Canon law.

This nicely told

You are right

According to canon law, which reflect Christian doctrine, Church is institution of divine origin. Yugoslavia is not. So existance of Yugoslavia is not prerequsit for pattern of Chruch government. Serbian Church exists from 1219, Yugoslavia frome 1918.

Serbian Chruch recognise Montenegro as far as I remember.

Nobody.  Current state of Montenegro signed agreement with US about non-extradiction of citizens to third party. Legal basis for this was similar agreement signed between Kingdom fo Serbia and United States of America, from 1901. So, seems Montenegro is legal heir of Kingdom of Serbia. Ironical twist.

What you want to say?

Almost everything. Property is registered on Metropolitanate of Montenegro and Litoral, and there is no Metropolotanate of Belgrade for some 90 years.

Nope. It was created 1219. Well, to be precise, it was created when first Serbs were baptised and got their priests and bishops. But Serbian Orthodox Church gained autocephaly 1219. It was not independent from 1463 till 1570, and from 1766 till 1920. But it still does not mean a lot. First 1920 is not 1921. And Second re-establishment is not same as creation.

Sorry, you want to tell me Petar I Petrović Njegoš introduced humself to Metropolitan of Karlovci?

That you dont have clue what are you talking about I believe.