So I would not say that everything is one, but so be it.

Why? If am not a believer any church I am honestly religious man.

I would never defend a thief.

Church institutions is convicted liar.


Well, nothing I read was.

It is possible that somewhere and work on it.

Do not really know canon law even in elemental form .. Well I do not know either civil law, but it does not prevent me to understand the basic ideas of law.

This nicely told
Serbian Church exists from 1219, Yugoslavia frome 1918. D

Do you have it right. whether this means that there is only one church, and that’s that?

Well I do not remember. Maybe last year it changed something in his attitude. Earlier thread is recognized Montenegro or Montenegrins.

It’s not ironic if it is known that Serbia annexed Montenegro. If the communist government annulled the decision Podgoricka Assembly did not SR Montenegro become the legal successor of the Kingdom of Montenegro? Do not forget that Mihailo Petrovic was proclaimed king, who immediately gave up the crown or something.
I want to say that someone else owns the church property in a foreign country.

Do not know for building enterprises, various business and tourist facilities,  SPC on endowments?

It’s not the same, and yet it is not the creation of reconstruction.

Not really, but it does not matter. What to do otherwise as Peter I set the position of Metropolitan Karlovac?

To be honest I really do not know.