IMO most likely place for some conflicts to take place is Macedonia, with that big Albanian minority it’s inevitable. These tensions between Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia are just for show. There are elections in Croatia in two weeks and I think there will be elections in Bosnia in a month or two. When Republika Srpska tries to separate from B&H that could turn into a conflict, but I don’t think there would be a full scale war, especially if it happens anytime soon, while those who fought in the last few wars are capable of fighting, plus B&H isn’t so ethnically  heterogeneous as it was at beginning of the ’90s, almost all Serbs live in RS, almost all Bosniaks and Croats live in FB&H.

I just read that Serbian Security Information Agency (BIA) arrested a Croatian in Belgrade. He has both Croatian and Serbian citizenship and is suspected to be an agent of Croatian Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA)