St. Vladimir was not, as is the St. Peter Cetinje.

Frankly I do not want occupying the church in his country. Especially since it appeared a question of assets

I have no idea who these two men. Also, not all the other stories of the CPC does not believe any letters, knowing who it sells(think of the SPC).

The Church as an institution is lying

Frankly I do not understand the best medicine, especially this contemporary.

Of course not. I just do not want someone else’s church in his country. Especially since it is responsible for the injustice done to my people and my country.

I assumed that words have the same meaning. On the basis of these closed sentences shape the thoughts that should be logical. I think that’s enough to define any condition in human thinking. I see no reason to canon law distinguished by anything from human thinking.

OK I will have in mind

Is SPC has not been established as a unified Orthodox crklva in Yugoslavia? Without Yugoslavia, there would be no SPC.

Naeavno that the church knows ethnicities, why would otherwise be called Serbian? Why SPC consistently implemented program Serbianize all Orthodox within the former Yugoslavia? SPC still very good knowledge of ethnicities in close cooperation with the government of their home country.
Serbian Orthodox Metropolitan of Montenegro do not believe any letters.

The document on the annexation will not find, but you will find the decision of Great Podgorica Assembly.
In Montenegro was the whole Adriatic Army, which was later to have won Dalmancije had to extend along the coast of the Adriatic. Montenegro became part of the Kingdom of Serbia and became part of Yugoslavia in 1946.

AVNOJ annulled all decisions of the royal government. whether it applies at Podgorica Assembly not know. In case svaklom embraced Montenegro caused 1941st

To the Montenegrin crown was given Karađorđevića.

Church property is state property.
Muncipality of Cetinje

That’s what I’m talking about. one political organization fraud plunder state property. SPC can of nuikoga trađiti to register with her because there in 1921.

The assets of the SPC should be property of the state. Church, land, assets that are faithful bequeathed CPC, can not be assets of another country. Especially if it’s done by fraud.

This means that if you bring in business KPC (Chinese Orthodox Church), we become Chinese and China has every right to conquer Montenegro?

I was asked.