I am not able to find them. He may have been smuggled calendar, and because of that either.

So you can say. Although the SPC rest of the occupation of the Kingdom of Serbia. Of course the rest of the project Serbianize Montenegrins.

usualy you dont have idea about 99% things you mentioned here. D

Maybe not 99% Naravno za SPC, ne postoji CPC. Niti je ikad postojala.
Yes I was rudely expressed. It is better äggstocksinflammation: the church as an institution does not believe any letters. Certainly deeply admire every true spiritual man.

I wanted to say that I respect your knowledge and I can not answer.

It is a good comparison.
I do not think it’s hypocritical. I think it must be determined holder property rights, which must be a state, as everywhere in the world.

I understand that in the Orthodox world countries is equal to the church administration and are in great love.

Maybe I was wrong to be a Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. Or maybe on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In any case, the SPC has formed as the unifying all Orthodox churches in the territory of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

1219 was called the SPC?
Zeta is the sixteenth century became the majority Orthodox country. By then he was a Roman Catholic country.

certainly a difference whether the “Serbian (Srpska)” or “Serbia (Srbije)” Maybe if I say this, I do not think anybody anything. Especially Cetinje Metropolitinate SPC.
Well nothing. Jerdino existing document on the so-called National Assembly was performed in the conditions of occupation and policing hours, a ban on returning to Montenegro its king, and soldiers Montenegrin army.

And they were tricked me because I’m in serious books there Adriatic Army.

So from 1918 till 1946 Montenegro was part of State which did not exist at all, in said timeframe? OK.

Not really. Montenegro did not exist from 1918 to 1941. Between 12 July 1941 there is an Italian protectorate Montenegro. Yes it is true.

I suppose that this means winning someone else countries. No no, it was not even in Serbia. Everywhere the church property belonging to the state. Each, including religious organizations, must be reistrovana in state administration. This certainly applies to the SPC. Another thing is that the SPC does not accept that there is Montenegro as a state entity.
Well not exactly be. SPC could not get into Montenegro before 1920, because it did not exist. whether it was present Pec Patriarchate Church of Serbia or Serbian  church, that is a different story. By the way, did CPC did not insist on its autocephaly?

Interestingly, what would you say for example Vucic?

Well SPC is not registered, how can own property?
CPC existed  before the SPC

Podgorica Assembly, which hid the annexation.

So what I’ve read that when you mention the CPC which is not under anyone’s jurizdikcijom, especially not Serbian church. I’m sorry if you gained that impression.

OK maybe it’s really true. So I withdraw.