There are two additional verses in Upper Sorbian (though they tend to be omitted, possibly due to German sensibilities):

Bitwu bijachu,
horcu, železnu,
něhdy serbscy wótcojo,
wójnske spěwy spěwajo.
Štó nam pójda waše spěwy?

Boha čorneho,
stare kralestwo
rapak nětko wobydli,
stary moch so zeleni,
na skale, kiž wołtar běše.

Translation (Reinhard F. Hahn):

Battles hotly fought,
Wars of iron wrought,
Our forebears proudly sang.
Words of war songs loudly rang.
Who will now tell us their stories?

Once the black god’s land,
Ancient creed’s last stand,
Now a raven’s perch is there,
Ancient moss on rocks once bare,
Altars for our forebears’ worship


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