Slavic origin is also the name of the village Fribrodre (Pribrode) on Falster, where he discovered the remains of a boat shipyard Slavic
fitting sheath knife and Slavic ceramics. Vindebode name also determined one of the districts Roskilde – the capital of Denmark. Most
likely, and there, like in Lund, lived in a large community of Slavonic people.
Mats Roslund showed that the ceramics present in Scandinavia after the year 990 at a variety of forms. In the area of contemporary
Denmark, which is the Danish islands and Skane dominated bubble dish shape and the edges bent inward. However, in the region of
Lake Mälaren inhabited by Svears most popular were pots of gooseneck shape and curved edges on the outside.
According to Roslund these relationships reflect the nuances and intensity of contact between different cultural centers. And so the
sights of land in eastern Denmark are a reflection of the Danish-Weletian links, while those coming from the area around Lake Mälaren
talk about relations between Svears and Rus.
Still, the lack of response to the most important question – what caused such a significant migration of Slavs to the North? Contrary
to formulate ideas on the subject of Scandinavian and Slavic scholars. Some believe that it was not a military colonization.
Scandinavian lands settlement was rather on the initiative of the local Scandinavian lords who were trying in this way to recruit
It is not excluded that the Slavs could be deported as slaves, as a result of the wars fought. It could be rather effect of dynamics and
expansiveness of the Slavs. Not without significance also seems to be a high social status of Slavic merchants. Objects with which
they surrounded themselves probably arouse desire in Norman. These are just some of the examples of attempts to explain this phenomenon.
Following years of research conducted by Scandinavian, Polish, Russian and German archaeologists will result in new concepts,
explaining how the Slavs colonized Scandinavia. Reading each of them would be better, however, that the point of the seat can
decide on the point of view.


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