Some societies put emphasis on these kind of things. Among Vikings f. ex, there was no bigger shame than losing in battle, and often they would commit mass suicide when they lost to a foe because they couldn't bear to live the rest of their lives in disgrace. Also the head of the ancient Scandinavian family, once he has reached old age and has become dead weight to his society, would often wander into the forest and get slain by fighting wolves, such was his dignity he couldn't allow himself to live as a useless parasite with fecal incontinence.

To answer your question: yes, I think dying for your beliefs is quite a noble death.

Where did you read this BS about Vikings?
Its a romantic mythology ,just like Japanese seppuku.
Vikings were most of all c
pirates, criminals and they preyed upon their own people as well as others. In those times ,there was no such conception as nation. They couldn't be proud of being Scandinavians because they felt no relation to anything like that. Harolds Bluetooth band was made of Poles in over half. There was also very little of people in Europe ,especially Scandinavia where this state of population remains even today. Polish pirates killed 1/3 of Danes during their raids. And they were working in small groups.
Seppuku in Japan existed but it was very rare and only among highest levels of government.