Slavs are the most amazing meta-ethnic group. There are different ways to name your attitude towards being a Slav: to be proud of it or to cherish, whatever, these are just words. I consider myself a very lucky one to be born as a Slav and Russian.

I am absolutely sure that Slavs are the last hope of the white European population, when multiculturalism will finally kill the European identity. Modern liberal values are not so easy finding support among us. We’re still a little bit barbarians, but this barbarity saves our human face, the spark of life, prevent us from becoming those always-correct robots. Life in our countries is hard enough, but it tempers our spirit.

Even with all the disagreements and conflicts, when one Slavic person meets another Slav, they begin to discuss the similarity of their languages ​​and within 5 minutes they will call each other brat. I can not imagine how a Swede calling, for example, a Dane “Scandinavian brother”. Our languages ​​are infinitely beautiful, profound and accurate. With our languages we can construct the most loving names and the rudest swearing, and the one who can use these both in correct and beautiful ways already can be proud of it.

Well, and finally – our women are the most beautiful. This one should be mentioned first, of course


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