Because to be proud of our ancestors, heritage and roots and to cherish them over other cultures  is not something  xenophobic but natural and who says otherwise is ,in my opinion,a cultural fascist.<br />I consider myself a proud slavjanofil  since childhood, growing up with Russian classics  Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, etc. – since I remember whenever I encountered someone from  a Slavic country i automatically called them brother or sister.

I had a Russian girlfriend, among my best friends are Serb, Slovenian, Bulgarian , Slovak(of course)…love polish literature,music, history(king Jan III. Sobieski -one of my favorite historical persons)…my favorite summer vaccation spot= Croatia with wonderful people, fairy-tale Mediterranean cities and the most beautiful sea sides in the world…it goes without saying Czech, Moravian(Janáček- those into classic. music should definitely check his works like Glagolitic mass, Taras Bulba, Lachian dances etc.), Slovakian culture, folklore, traditions.

Just wanted to thank u for this wonderful site, i have just recently discovered, lot of fascinating stuff here!  Greetings to all of my Slavic relatives Sláva Slovanům!

Prokofiev – Alexander Nevsky 2 Song about Alexander Nevsky – new pan-Slavic anthem perhaps?! ;D– with slightly modified lyrics of course